November 18, 2016

Construction Blog Post # 2 – Meeting Neighbors

Community Construction Meeting

On the heels of an intimate, yet successful construction community meeting on November 17, the project team has the following updates to share with you.

Construction Management Plan

The Construction Management Plan document is available as a download at the bottom of the page, the main points it address are:

  • Communication & Community Outreach
  • Safety and Logistics
  • Scheduling and Phasing
  • Site Specific Construction Requirements

Areas of Focus

Some items that were discussed at the November 17 meeting, and covered in the Construction Management Plan are:

Deliveries, Trucking, and Parking

The project team is working with State and Local agencies on approved trucking routes. However at this time, it is anticipated that the “last mile” to the project site will be on US Route 20 (North Beacon Street). All construction employees, and visitors to the site have been contracted to park within the site confines. If needed, additional parking has been made available at an off-site lot(on Cypress Street) and would be used for regular vehicles only, and not construction equipment.


Dust Control & Seismic Monitoring Measures

The project has many duct control activities in place with a robust dust monitoring system, alerting the team of any problems allow for immediate action. Additionally, the project site has been equipped with seismic instrumentation recording the vibration impact at the perimeter of the site.


Working Hours

Working hours will be in accordance with the Watertown Noise Ordinance requirements. Normal working hours will be 7AM – 3:30 PM with some activities extending to 5:30 PM. Saturday working hours will be from 8AM – 4PM when needed. This includes trucking & deliveries to and from the site. No trucks will be allowed to (or idle outside) the site prior to these times.



During the next 6-8 weeks construction activities will primarily consist of mass soil excavation, support of earth sheeting and preparation for foundations. Some of the larger elements of work are currently anticipated to follow the schedule below:

  • Mass Excavation & Foundations – Jan 2017 through April 2017

What to Expect: driving of the steel sheeting supporting the excavation, frequent soil hauling trucks to and from the site, large equipment excavating within the project site, periods of moderately frequent concrete trucks to and from the site.  

  • Precast Concrete, Exterior Skin & Utilities – May 2017 through Sept 2017

What to Expect: frequent deliveries of large precast concrete sections, deliveries of screen sections, moving erecting crane, underground utility installation.

  • Exterior Skin, Interior MEP/FP, Finishes – Sept 2017 through Jan 2018

What to Expect: small crane activity, work trucks, low impact to neighborhood for these activities. 

  • Site Utilities, Site Finishes & Roadwork – Sept 2017 through Jan 2018

What to Expect: Underground utility installations on the project site with some roadway connection, intersection improvements, site plantings. 


Look for an improvement to the Construction Page with a graphical construction schedule updater coming soon.


Documents for Download

Download link –  west-garage-construction-management-plan-8-9-16

Download link – west-garage-community-construction-final-presentation-2016-118




November 18, 2016