November 8, 2017

Construction Blog Post # 7 – the end is in sight!

November 8, 2017 – There is a structure! The project finished the assembly of the precast concrete structure slightly ahead of schedule and the crane was removed, as of September 8th. The garage is projected to be ready for beneficial use by the campus in January 2018.

Photo of the West Garage project site September 28th, 2017. Shows the full structure complete, with building 39, and 311 in the background.

Precast Concrete Erection & Delivery  

The coordinated effort between fabricator, hauling company, erector, construction manager, athenahealth, and Watertown town officials resulted in the largest project milestone being met a few days ahead of schedule. On September 5th, the last piece of precast was erected into place and the crane was demobilized.

Garage Work

While the structure was complete in early September, many different trades will continue in the building which includes electrical, plumbing, elevators, line striping, and many more. Outside of the garage, landscaping activities including the planter boxes, permeable pavers, and curb work have commenced.The pedestrian bridge that connects the garage and building 311 has been in place since early September, and is now receiving the exterior envelope with curtain wall and roofing finishes.

Overlooking shot of the south elevation with planter box installation ongoing, photo taken September 28th.

Site Utilities and Building Services

Over the last two to three months, the underground utilities have kicked into high gear with storm water, sewer, water, and electrical lines all being coordinated. The major upgrade to those systems include the installation of the storm water detention facilities, in addition to the relocation of power distribution equipment within the campus footprint.

The storm water detention system is the physical representation of the campus’ commitment to improving environmental impacts of impervious surfaces. These simple yet effective systems dramatically improve the flow and quantity of surface run-off to the Charles River in heavy rain.

In addition, new water lines have been run. Some of these replaced original feeds from earlier development of the west side of campus.

This image shows the installation of one of three underground storm water detention facilities on the south side of the site. The excavated area was lined with black fabric that would house the structures that will detain storm water during rain events.

On-going Intersection Work

Through the summer, the team worked with Watertown officials on the final design and planning for intersection work on Arsenal Street. In late summer, the team started on the improvements to this section of Arsenal that will see wider sidewalks, a new traffic signal, and improved drainage.

Additionally, later in the fall, the intersection at North Beacon Street and Charles River Road has started to see visual improvements. The biggest change will be the widening of the Charles River Road to make space for a dedicated right-turn lane.

As with all work in public streets, the winter is upon us and will dictate how much can get completed in the 2017 construction season, with the plan to complete in spring of 2018.

November 8, 2017