If I have security problems on campus, who do I call?

You can call our 24hr campus security at 617-926-0040.

Where do I park if the garage is full?

Parking on campus is free in our garage and anywhere there is a legal spot. If you cannot find parking, there is a free valet service on the roof of the garage.

Where do I pick up my keys if I valeted my car and it’s after hours?

If you valeted your car and need to pick it up after 7:30pm, you may retrieve your keys from the campus security desk by calling 617-926-0040.

Is there visitor parking?

Some businesses on campus do have dedicated visitor spots outside of their buildings. Designated visitor parking for athenahealth is alongside Building 97. The address is 400 North Beacon Street, and you must register your car with reception upon arrival.

What is the best campus address to give a taxi/Uber driver?

It depends on what business you are trying to visit, but 400 North Beacon Street, Watertown MA 02472 will lead the driver to the center of campus,

Are you the Arsenal Mall?

No, the Arsenal Mall is separate from The Arsenal campus, and is not owned by atheneahealth.

Is there an ATM on campus?

Yes, there is an ATM located in the hallway of Building 312, between Panera and Branch Line.